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Physical Inspection


We can check if there are any mechanical issues with the phone like the power button, volume rockers, charging port, and screen. We can also tell you if your phone has any 3rd party parts installed like a screen, camera, motherboard, ect. DON'T BUY A REFURBISHED PHONE AT NEW PRICE!!

Software Inspection


The major issue with buying phones is not knowing if there are any locks on it! We can tell you if the phone is not paid off, lost or stolen, leased, or company managed locked. IT'S KINDA SCARY BUYING PHONES!!



With the market changing and innovating so quickly, it can be difficult keeping up with prices of phones. Because we are able to check and inspect your phone, we are able to have a better idea of what the phone is worth.

We love all kinds of phones and we are very good at inspecting, checking for software and mechanical issues, and appraising them. We do those things for local pawn shops, but can also do that for you! If you are purchasing a phone from someone locally, we can test if the phone is "up to snuff" so you don't buy a "lemon". If you are not near us, you can message us for an online check!