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Whether you like it or not, phones are essential to our modern lives. You can't live without them, and you don't have to! Bring your smartphone into one of our local pawn shop partners and get an appraisal from Loan-a-Phone and walk out with cash and one of our phones. After you pay off the loan, we will give you your phone back to you. Also, don't forget to bring back the phone we let you borrow! 

Swap your phone with one of ours!    


We understand that you can't really go without a phone, so we give you three options of lender phones to choose from! You can borrow one of our 4g lte flip phones or one of our two 4g lte smartphones! Oh, of course you don't need to borrow one from us, but they are just there if you need one!

Bring in your phone for a quote and borrow cash! 

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When you bring your smartphone in to us, we can give you an exact quote of the amount of cash we can lend you for it.  A local pawn shop that we are located in will lend money on all mainstream carriers and most brands such as Apple, Samsung, Oppo, LG, Oneplus, Google, Huawei, Sony, and many more! Phones that are either unlocked, carrier locked, financed, or even broken are ACCEPTED!! See "phone vocab" tab on the bottom of the site. 

Pay off your loan and we'll give you your phone back! 


Once you bring back our phone and pay off the amount that was lent you, we will return your beloved smartphone back to you! Also, if you don't bring back our phone, you'll still be able to get your phone back! Although, there will be a fee..